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Wright Maritime Group is a specialist in new yacht construction and large yacht management, operating globally as a world leader in yacht operations.


Wright Maritime's ethos is that everyone is better off because of WMG's involvement. Wright's core values and determined strive for exceptional excellence is fundamental to WMG's success.


WMG has on staff CPA’s, licensed maritime officers, a BA in English and Philosophy and Master’s Accounting graduates and staff having worked in on Flag Working Groups for regulatory development.

Wright Maritime’s greatest investment is in the quality of its team members’ performance and in the resources that they require. WMG continually develops internal controls, staff mentoring and coaching to provide the team with the essential elements of achievement.


There are forty dedicated multi-national professionals at WMG Headquarters, that is named The Academy because, while a place of accountable action, it is also a place of learning to do great things for our clients, their crew and the businesses serving them. WMG also has new yacht construction specialists working in ship building facilities in northern Europe.

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