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ISM was first implemented in the shipping industry in 1998. In 2002, the ISM Code was brought into the large yacht industry. At the first hour of ISM Code implementation, WMG held a Document of Compliance.


The CEO and the DPA on that day in 2002 are the same two people currently holding those positions – Experience matters.

WMG's ISM-ISPS-MLC department holds DOC’s with a number of Flag-states, including the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and the Marshall Islands.


WMG sits on Advisory councils of Flag-state and Classification Societies to encourage a goal orientated approach to the regulation of internationally operated large yachts. Important in new construction and in operations.


Wright Maritime's unique relationships with Flag-states, Classification Societies and key Port-states allows WMG to represent its clients in a manner that is unsurpassed and very important in protecting on Owner's interest while supporting the responsible captains and officers.


Each year WMG’s Safety Management System and staff undergo external audits and conduct internal audits, adding up to more than thirty audits each year. 


Wright Maritime is dedicated to the betterment of the industry’s safety, the global environment and crew welfare standards using a common-sense approach.

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